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Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker

Marking Whiskers and Ground Markers

Marking Whiskers, Stakes, Field Line Anchor, Whisker Plug

All Stake Marking Whiskers

Summer Savings for Fall Field Marking

Stake All Integrated Marking Whiskers

(5 Sets, 25 Stake Alls),
Tru Mark Standup Driver with 5 sets of Stake Alls
and Tru Mark Hand Driver with 5 sets of Stake Alls
Savings until 09/30/14
Field Layout Made Easy

(5 Sets, Packaged 5 Stake Alls per set)


Marking Whiskers

Standard Marking Whiskers 6"  -- in ground markers, field marking flags, stake whiskers
APWA color-coded Marking Whiskers/Ground Markers spring back up when run over by lawn mowers, graders and heavy equipment.

  • Alternative marking choice for sports fields, horse arenas, parking spaces, survey and construction sites, underground utility locating and many other uses
  • Easily and conveniently attached to wood stakes or secured in ground with Raptor® Stake or 60-penny nails (priced separately or as a package)
  • Different colors for multiple purposes
  • Each package comes with 25 items each
  • Purchase in sets of 3 and 5 for savings

New 9 inch Marking Whiskers for increased visibility

New Turf Stakes for multi-purpose staking and line striping operations

Standard Marking Whiskers/Ground Markers are used for marking

  • Grades on construction sites
  • Athletic fields, football, soccer, lacrosse, rugby, field hockey
  • Paintball grids and barrier layouts
  • Temporary Golf Tee Box Markers
  • Horse arenas, dressage arena
  • DMV Commercial Driver License (CDL) skills testing course
  • Stages at shooting range (trap, skeet, archery, rifle)
  • Temporary parking spaces on ground and turf surfaces
  • Property boundaries
  • Landscaping/Irrigation
  • Underground utility marking
  • NEW--Stake All Integrated Marking Whisker and Plastic Stake
  • 6" marking whisker mounted on 6" plastic stake with 1/2" ID slot
  • Multiple colors available, 5 per package, sold in sets of 1 (5), 3 (15) and 5 (25)
  • Tru Mark Standup and Hand Driver Tools for quick and easy installation
  • Supports inserting stringing line stake, soccer marking flag and football pylon anchors
  • Video below show the Stake All and the Standup and Hand Driver Tools

"Love these things (marking whiskers)... sure makes life a whole lot easier doing all the fields with them .... thanks again ... I'm recommending you to other schools in the area. Thanks! "

Mark in Field Operations (08/02/07)
Overland Park, KS

2nd order, multiple colored marking whisker

"I have installed my marking whiskers in my indoor riding arena. The whiskers mark out my dressage arena, which has made set-up a breeze because all the corners are squared and marked!
Other horse arena owners have asked me where I found them and I have given them your web address.
Thanks for offering this great product, and be sure to list horse arenas under your suggested uses!"
Slide Creek Arena, Colville, WA (02/19/13)

Raptor® Stake--Composite Nail

  • Not susceptible to corrosion and oxidation
  • Relatively mower and landscaping equipment safe
  • Can be sanded and sawed without tool damage
  • UV resistant, and they are virtually unaffected by chlorine, acids and solvents such as gasoline and oil
  • Tensile strength of nailed wooden connections is about twice
  • Similar dimensions of 60 penny nail yet 1/5th the weight, 6 inches long by 1/4 inch diameter
  • Raptor Stake composite nail marketing brochure (480 KB PDF)

Review pictures of different uses of marking whiskers as a marking whisker plug in a package with a field line anchor, turf stake, and marking whisker plug, field line anchor installation for field marking flag.

Stake All Integrated Marking Whisker and Plastic Stake
Standup and Hand Driver Installation Tools

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