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Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker

Ultimate Frisbee Field Dimensions and Layout Tool

 Ultimate Frisbee Field Marking Specifications & Layout Tool
playing field proper, end zones,
three and five meters from the perimeter lines

Looking for a fast and accurate Ultimate Frisbee Field Layout Tool to help strip your fields. This simple MS Excel spreadsheet takes the guess work out of creating a uniform Ultimate Frisbee field no matter the size requirements.


Ulitmate Frisbee Field Dimensions

to include the Perimeter, Goal Line, Field Marks (Brick – 18m, Reverse Brick – 11.5m, Midfield – 32m) see image

Ultimate Field Diagram

Click on following links Official Rules of USA Ultimate, 11th Edition, Ultimate Players Association,



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 Ultimate Frisbee Field Layout Tool
Automated Desktop Tool for Field Striping Dimensions
MS Excel Spreadsheet

Send us an email on the Ultimate Field Layout Tool and we'll reply FREE of Charge by sending an email with the attached MS Excel spreadsheet template.

Fast and Simple Tool for Generating Ultimate Field Dimensions

The Tru Mark Ultimate Field Layout Tool is designed for Ultimate organizations and field striping personnel needing a simple yet accurate tool to help in laying out and striping their sports fields. No matter what your requirements you can generate symmetric dimensions for any age group or space restrictions.

The Utlimate field calculation are figured using the length and width of the playing field proper. The endzone distance is a fixed depth 23 meters (25 yards or 75') The player and spectator boundary lines are also at a fixed distance from back of the end zone and side playing field proper, 3 meters (3.25 yards or 10') for the player line and 5 meters (5.4 yards or 16') for spectator line. The Brick and Reverse Brick points are based on fixed distances from the goal line. The Midfield point is the half way distance between the goal lines, on a regulation field it would be 32 meters (40 yards or 105')

The desktop tool uses the MS Excel spreadsheet application with functions that generate staking locations based on user supplied dimensions and the center line of the field through the center point, the goal, end zone, player and spectator lines.

The spreadsheet layout tool allows the user to plug in a value (in feet) into a cell below each listed Ultimate field dimension. The orientation of the layout tool is based on staking out the full length of field down the center line of the field intersecting the goal line through the endzone line, player, and spectator line. The actual field staking procedure requires the use of two measuring tapes. One tape is staked or held at the Midfield (center point at the middle of the field and pulled to the associated intersection points. The other tape is staked or held at the Center Point on the Spectator Line (beyond the end zone and player line). The layout tool calculates the intersections for the two tape measurements listed in feet and inches or just feet. The Ultimate Layout Tool reflects the stake intersections for 1/4 of the Ultimate field (upper left quadrant when looking at a field with goals left to right).

Tru Mark has tested the field layout tool on a BlackBerry Curve 8900 series smartphone with good results. Now if you need to make changes out on the field of play you can input the updated dimensions and the smartphone spreadsheet application will automatically update the measurements for the staking positions. Read more what about the application used and the process to install the field layout tool template.

Here are two sites listed for the Office Plus download (as of 03/22/14)
that supposedly are free so Apple iPhone and iPad users can use the
Tru Mark Athletic Field Marker Soccer, Lacrosse, Rugby, and Ultimate Field Layout Tools.,0301-32161.html
We have not tested any of these downloads since I currently don’t have access to an Apple device.
We would appreciate any feedback as I need to update the link as I don’t see the app on the site currently listed.

Send us an email on the Ultiamte Field Layout Tool and we'll reply FREE of Charge by sending an email with the attached MS Excel spreadsheet template.



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Last modified September 9, 2014